Rediscovering Running


Hello blogging world! This is my first time as a blogger and hopefully it turns out well. My blog’s name is rediscovering running for a reason. I’m 18, and have been running since I was in the 8th grade. That is when I first joined my cross-country running team, and continued on all throughout high school. Cross country and running gave me some of my greatest memories that I will cherish forever, and also developed some of my greatest friendships. Running has been part of my life for awhile, but recently has also come to an end. After my senior year of cross country I decided not to run track. Because of this, I have not seriously ran or trained since sometime around November of 2012. I have been fairly active over this course of time, and also have been running from time to time. As of right now, it is less than a week until I move off to college. I have decided that when I’m in college I want to “rediscover” running. I want to get back in shape and start to participate in races. I would like to run many 5k’s and work my way up to half-marathons or even full marathons! I have lost my love of running and I would really love to regain it! Not to mention that I am becoming more and more out of shape and this must come to an end. I really miss the energy and adrenaline that running gives me! Running gives me some sort of excitement that I simply cannot describe! To me this is like a re-entry or a fresh start to running. I’m taking college as an opportunity and making the choice to become a dedicated runner and defy the “freshman 15” and maybe lose 15! I have already ordered new running shoes that will arrive right before I leave. I am really excited to rediscover my love for running and also to rediscover fitness and a healthy lifestyle! This blog will be used to record progress and simply for my own inspiration. I’m really looking forward to everything!


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